Daikin VRV RXYSCQ-TV1 The Outdoor Unit

  • Numerous stylish residential or commercial indoor units can be connected
  • Total reliability thanks to refrigerant-cooled PCB
  • Front blown outdoor unit to series
  • Space-saving solution without sacrificing efficiency
  • 4HP
  • 5HP


Wide portfolio, great features

The inconspicuously compact Daikin VRV IV S series units stand out for their advantages. While providing excellent indoor air, it is hardly noticeable from the outside. If you need efficient and effective air conditioning from an unobtrusive unit, don't look elsewhere.Daikin VRV RXYSCQ-TV1 The Outdoor Unit

VRV IV S series compact heat pumpı

› Thanks to the compact and lightweight single fan design, the unit is virtually indistinguishable

› It meets all the thermal needs of a building through a single point of contact: precise temperature control, ventilation, air handling units and Biddle air curtains

› Wide indoor unit range: Stylish indoor units such as VRV or Daikin Emura, Nexura ... can be connected

› Uses VRV IV standards and technologies: Variable Refrigerant Temperature and inverter compressors › Possibility to limit peak energy consumption from 30 to 80%, for example during periods of high power demande

› Has all the standard VRV featuresDaikin VRV RXYSCQ-TV1 The Outdoor Unit