DVM, 360 Cassette, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit

Reach every corner evenly and cools Comfort-free cooling Circular to fit anywherel
  • 4,5 kW
  • 5,6 kW
  • 7,1 kW
  • 9,0 kW
  • 11,2 kW
  • 12,8 kW
  • 14,0 kW




Reach every corner evenly and cools

Instead of creating non-homogeneous air-flow areas where cold air cannot reach, such as 4-way cassette-type air conditioners, the circular outlet blows cold air in all directions, ensuring that every corner of the room is at the same temperature **.

Comfort-free cooling

Its wingless design distributes cold air throughout the room, allowing you to feel coolness comfortably **. It provides 25% more output * thanks to its wings that do not block the air flow * and spreads it farther.

Circular to fit anywhere

Its innovative circular design is suitable for many interiors, making it perfect for almost anywhere. The minimalist modern style creates a sophisticated look and the circular shape beautifully stands out.

Emits more air from more roads
The innovative Booster Fan allows cooler air to spread at much lower openings. It creates a low pressure area around the outlet, so that the cold air exits parallel to the ceiling and spreads over a larger area.
Fully rounded more simple and intuitive control
It intuitively controls its performance and sees where the air goes. Kablosuz KumandanınThe rotary knob and pushbutton provide a fun way to adjust the air flow and the Circular LED Display shows the flow direction.