CAC, Medium Static Pressure Duct, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit

Thinest and Lightest Design 3 Way Service High Efficiency Heat Exchanger
  • 3,5 kW
  • 5,2 kW
  • 6,0 kW
  • 7,1 kW
  • 9,0 kW
  • 10,0 kW
  • 12,0 kW
  • 14,0 kW
Slim design and light weight
The Duct S indoor unit can be easily installed and maintained in any area thanks to its aerodynamic structure. The compact and stylish design has a lower weight and size than conventional air conditioners. Duct S is 30% smaller than its counterparts, so it can easily fit in tight spaces. Despite its small casing, it is exceptionally efficient. Its light weight supports comfortable handling and installation.
Automatic volume adjustment
The Duct S unit has intelligent technology that senses the current air volume and counter-pressure. Thus, it provides ideal comfort by making automatic adjustment even in long channels.
Access from three sides
With a smart and multi-port design, users can access the Duct S indoor unit from three sides (top, side and bottom) thanks to the sliding connection, so that maintenance is easy.
Easy level adjustment
Smart Adjustment provides precise control for optimal comfort in any situation. Users can easily adjust the fan speed according to the usage, while saving energy and minimizing the sound level.
First class energy saving
Samsung Duct S uses the latest technologies to provide excellent energy savings. • Twin Rotary BLDC Compressors: These robust compressors provide effective magnetic resistance by reducing ripple and vibration by up to 75%. • FME / FMC (Flat Micro Channel) Evaporator / Capacitor: Samsung's FME / FMC technology is 30% more efficient than conventional pipe type. In addition, the unit size has been reduced by 30%.
Quick and easy operation
With the optional Smart Wi-Fi feature, users can control their air conditioners from anywhere, anytime with a smart mobile phone or tablet, and easily adjust their devices to save energy even when they are away from home.
Digital Inverter
Samsung's Digital Inverter Motor is quieter, much more durable and energy efficient. Unlike conventional motors, the electric type operation eliminates friction with less moving parts.
TBR Compressor
The dual BLDC Rotary compressor provides more gentle and reliable performance. Reduces vibration by 75% and is quieter than conventional compressors. It also offers guaranteed reliability up to 3.2 MPa at 65 ° C.
Straight Micro channel
The FME / FMC (Flat Micro Channel Evaporator / Condenser) is highly efficient, offering a 30% increase in efficiency compared to conventional Vane and Tube type machines. Flat channels also help create an extremely compact and lightweight design that is normally 25% smaller.
EZ Discharge Pump
The easy-to-install optional EZ Drain Pump prevents water from overflowing during drainage and the emergence of bacteria and germs that cause bad odor in stagnant water. Compatible with almost all indoor units, plug and play type.
Practical Filter
Unlike conventional filters that are often difficult to access, the Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner Practical Filter is located on the top of the air conditioner. Thus, the cover can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced without having to open or pull it out hard. In addition, its antibacterial coating neutralizes dust, harmful components and allergens.