Daikin VRV RQCEQ-P3 Outdoor Unit

  • Greater flexibility and capacity
  • Easier commissioning and customization
  • Unique zero heat dissipation principle
  • Compact body!
  • 10HP
  • 13HP
  • 16HP
  • 18HP
  • 20HP
  • 22HP
  • 24HP
  • 26HP
  • 28HP



Indoor installation ensures the unit is not visible from the outside

› Provides seamless integration into the environment architecture as you cannot see the unit

› It is suitable for sound sensitive areas since there is no external working sound

› Very flexible indoor unit installation due to heat dissipation

› Superior productivity, even in the most difficult outdoor conditions, especially in soil-borne use

Variable water flow control

› Variable water flow control option reduces excessive energy use with the circulation pump.

› By controlling with a variable water valve, water flow is reduced when possible and saves energy.

› 0 ~ 10 volts

Maximum design flexibility and assembly speed

› Design your system quickly and flexibly with unique single and multi BS box capacity options

› A wide range of compact and lightweight multi BS boxes greatly reduces your assembly time

› Free combination of single and multi BS boxes