Information About Air Conditioners

Information About Air Conditioners

Information About Air Conditioners

Air conditioner is an electronic device that is produced to avoid the unwanted weather, intense heat, too cold and the damages of climate change. From vehicles to houses, from schools to factories, from shopping centers to offices, it is used in many areas of our lives. Air conditioning has become one of the most needed devices today. As air conditioning technology developed rapidly, prices became economical. Both hot and cold air conditioners are preferred by many people.


Apart from heating and cooling, the devices can purify bad air. In addition to the low energy consumption of the devices, providing more air is one of the reasons why air conditioning is preferred. Air quality was improved by increasing sterilization in air conditioners.


Moreover, the claim of "making sick" for air conditioners is decaying. With the air conditioner controls, it is possible to throw the air right-left and back-forward. You can turn off the air conditioner with a single button, or turn on the air conditioner while you sleep with the timing. You can allow automatic shutdown after 1 hour. So you're not affected by the air conditioner while you sleep.


How does air conditioners heat?

When we examine air conditioners, we can see the heat pump feature. These air conditioners heat the environment by transferring the external heat inside instead of converting the electrical energy directly to heat. In order to make the heating, the gas passing through the outdoor unit evaporates and absorbs the outside heat and when it comes to the indoor unit, it condenses when it reaches the indoor unit and performs the heating by leaving it to the desired environment.


How does air conditioners cool?

The air conditioners use the R22 gas to dissipate heat. In split air conditioners, the gas passing through the indoor unit absorbs the heat and evaporates and cools down.


Mounting the Air Conditioner

There are issues to consider when installing the air conditioner. First take the size of the place you intend to install and compare with the air conditioner you will buy. And the other thing you need to pay attention to is that the air conditioner is very close to your bed. Beware here that the air conditioner does not come directly to you. In other matters, call a team of experts.


Is Air Conditioning Harmful?

If you do not follow certain rules, the air conditioner may become very harmful to health. Our specific rules are very simple. Don't stop where the air conditioner comes from, and if you're standing in the room for a long time, you can get the room temperature or coolness to 23 degrees Celsius, which is ideal both in winter and in summer.


Finally, pay attention to the cleanliness of your device. Most people who suffer from air conditioning are those who do not follow certain rules and often suffer from respiratory diseases.