Office Heating Systems

Office Heating Systems

Office Heating Systems

In these years, heating systems are commonly used as heating with electricity. Electric heating system is spreading rapidly all over the world, There are many ways of this heating system. However, it is absolutely important to produce solutions that can cause the least harm to human health. Our country has made progress in this regard. Office Heating System Used to Prevent Cold. Office Heating Systems are used to keep the places of use at the desired temperature.

What are Office Heating Systems?

For Office Heating Systems, the central boiler or heater for heating water, air or steam to be used goes through piping for the distribution of heated fluid.

Water Heating Systems:

In heating systems using water, the entire system has a pump of heating water. Hot water is often used to feed another heat exchanger to provide hot domestic water stored in a water tank.

Air Heating Systems:

Air is circulated through air duct systems in heating systems. Duct systems can also be used for cooling and air conditioning (combi) and can clean air through filters. is a system that is based on the principle of carrying heat energy from one place to another and is used with electricity. It can be made available when the necessary conditions are met.
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Office Heating Systems, which is one of the services we provide with our 25 years of experience, is working with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic expert team in parallel with the developing technology.

Office Heating Systems, which are installed in your work areas, are installed in accordance with your architectural decoration and according to your needs.
Office Heating Systems, active electrostatic filter plants provide a very important advantage in terms of energy and maintenance costs compared to conventional oil filters. The filter components are regularly cleaned at regular intervals and are used without problems for many years.

Usage Areas of Office Heating Systems;

  Industrial Presses
 Injection Molding Machines
 Digital Printing Areas
  All Industrial Machinery
 Welding Smoke
 Dining Halls
 Smoking Rooms 
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