About Hospital Ventilation Systems

About Hospital Ventilation Systems

About Hospital Ventilation Systems

Hospitals, which are one of the most visited environments in daily life, are home to many people from 7 to 70 today. Hospitals, where the number of visitors are quite high and where there are continuous entrances and exits, are among the most important areas where hygiene and oxygen need to be constantly observed and kept under control. Hospitals provide accommodation not only to patients, but also to workers and accompanying persons staying with patients.

In addition to patients, workers and companions who provide accommodation have the possibility of being affected by microbes and viruses in hospital air. Hospital Ventilation Systems are used effectively in these departments in order to prevent the workers and hospital companions from being affected by airborne microbes and viruses. These systems provide clean air and oxygen to thousands of patients and visitors during the day.

Hospital Ventilation Systems Working Logic

The reasons for the installation of ventilation systems are to clean the dirty air in the hospital and provide fresh air flow. These systems circulate the air in the space to ensure that the dirty air is discharged out. It provides the discharge of the polluted air to the outside and the transfer of the cleaned air from the outside to the hospital environment. In addition to this, Hospital Ventilation Systems, besides germs and viruses, clean the dusty and dirty air in the environment and clean the area where they are and purify the dirty air.
Ventilation systems are used not only in hospitals but also in all areas where ventilation is needed in many sectors.

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Benefits of Hospital Ventilation Systems;

- Provide fresh air to the environment where it is installed every minute, every second.
- To renew the atmosphere of the environment in which it is established for a certain period of time.
- Prevent and protect against explosion risks in case of fire by evacuating the dirty gases in the place where it was established by means of ventilation.
- Ensuring that temperature and humidity control in the environment is kept at comfort level
- Elimination or reduction of pollutants
- Prevent the formation of smells and unwanted air currents in the environment where it is installed.
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Types of Ventilation Systems;

Ventilation systems are mechanical systems that are actively used in all areas today. These systems are needed and used in many departments from schools to factories, from homes to kitchens. It is established in order to provide a breathable environment especially in large works and lower floors (basements) and to remove the air which causes harm to the working environment such as heat and stench that occurs during the processes in the industrial areas. These systems are divided into varieties among themselves.

Types of ventilation systems are as follows

General Ventilation System: Reduces the mixing ratio of clean air and dirty air.
Local Exhaust Ventilation System: It catches from the source or very close to the pollutant and throws it out.

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