Tunnel Fire Systems
tünel yangın sistemleri

Tunnel Fire Systems

Due to the rapid spread of smoke and heat, tunnel fires present great danger to living things. Therefore, Tunnel Fire Systems are of vital importance for human health and safety. Fires that may occur in the event of an accident and explosion of the vehicles traveling in the tunnel carry a large fire load. In case of accidents and fire, vital equipment such as Jet Fan Control System, Fire Air Evacuation and Ventilation Systems and Tunnel Ventilation Systems are of great importance.
Tunnel Fire Systems, vary depending on the characteristics of the power, size, cross-section, height of entry-exit and the structure of tunnel ventilation systems. It has the ability to control the smoke and fire of the ventilation systems in the Tunnel Fire Systems. The best system to control Smoke and Fires is the Jet Fan Control System.

Fire Detection System in Tunnels

It is used as the most important technology with the temperature detection system made by copper pipe for the detection of fire in the tunnels. Among these systems developed with the developing technology in recent years, fire detection systems consisting of cable type temperature sensor, fiber optic cable, camera and smoke detection sensor, air sampling detectors and flame detectors are applied.

Tunnel Fire Systems which is one of our services with our 25 years of experience. In parallel with the developing technology, we work with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic team of experts.

Types of Fire Detection in Tunnels

For vehicles and pedestrians who actively use the tunnels, the systems used to prevent loss of life and property have been developing rapidly in recent years. With the developing technology, fire extinguishing systems are divided into different types. These;

• Cable Type Temperature Sensor
• Fiber Optic Sensor
• Linear Cable Sensor
• Smoke Detection with Camera
• Air Sampling Smoke Detectors
• Flame Detectors

Fire Safety in Tunnels

One of the causes of loss of life and property in case of fire in tunnels is smoke. In the tunnels that do not control and manage smoke, the poisoning of the people in the tunnel from the gases emerges and the panic cannot be evacuated by narrowing the field of view. Therefore, the emergency ventilation system is very important and valuable in terms of the control of heat and smoke.

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