Hot Oil Installation
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Hot Oil Installation

In today's technology, high temperature is needed in heat transfer flows. This is achieved by high temperature, high pressure boiling water, saturated steam or superheated steam. High temperature is obtained and used without pressure with hot oil. Saturated steam and boiling water require a temperature of 250-300 ° C, a high and dangerous pressure of 42 to 90 bar. In the case of hot oil, a pressure of up to 300 ° C is only required as the installation resistance, which is under 3 bar in almost all cases.

Reasons why hot oil installation is preferred

The most important factor in the choice of hot oil is that other systems require high pressures to reach the same temperature. In hot oil systems, the pressure at the top is about 1 bar. In this way, the safety measures required by other high pressure systems are minimized.
- Better temperature control.

- Low operating and maintenance costs.

- The system is more secure due to low pressure.

- Long life of the system.

- High yield.

- It is also possible to meet the steam need in the process thanks to hot oil exchangers

- Thermal conductivity coefficients of heat conduction oils are higher than other fluids.

- Ability to work at low temperatures at high temperatures.

- Heat conduction oil does not require any conditioning.

- Correct use does not cause corrosion.

Hot Oil Installation which is one of our services with our 25 years of experience. In parallel with the developing technology, we work with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic team of experts.

Application Areas of Hot Oil Installation

- Textile industry in drying plants and calender rollers heating.

- Drying and finishing rollers in paper, cardboard and cardboard manufacturing.

- Melting boilers, rolling mills and presses in the rubber, rubber and plastic industry.

- In autoclave, mixing and drying boilers in Chemical Industry.

- In bitumen, tar and tar processing asphalt production facilities.

- Drying processes in wood industry and pressing of products such as chipboard plywood.

- Heating of anodizing and phosphate baths.

- Drying in concrete, brick, briquette and ceramic industry.

- Varnish and Paint Manufacturing.

- Dyehouse.

- Oil Industry.

- Leather Industry.

-In Oil Industry -Detergent Industry -Konservecilikd to -In the bottling process -Painting Ovens
Due to the high boiler flue gas outlet temperatures, heat recovery systems are the most suitable systems to be applied. Temperature control can be done more automatically and effectively with automatic control valves. This greatly helps to ensure a standard quality in the manufactured product.

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