Laminar Flow Applications
laminer flow uygulamaları

Laminar Flow Applications

Laminar Flow Applications, consist of stainless steel air distribution box, filters and air distributor. These flow units provide the desired low turbulent air flow. It provides a ventilation system that meets the requirements of the standards in sensitive applications such as operating theaters, pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmaceutical industry, food warehouses and research laboratories. Laminar Flow Flow Units, which are above the standards with their smooth and perfect inner surface structure preventing dirt accumulation, are made of stainless steel completely.

What are the parameters for laminar flow applications?

Considering the importance of laminar flow units; The fact that the air quality of the environment at the time of surgery is not within the hygiene limits increases the risk of infection during surgery. Laminar flow units are manufactured to solve this problem. These units provide protection against bacteria, viruses and germs by creating laminar flow on the patients and doctors in the operated area.

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Fresh Air Amount
Energy efficiency
Surgical Airspace
Number of Particles and Microorganisms
Stainless Steel Production
Ambient Air Pressure
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