Hepa Filter Applications
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Hepa Filter Applications

Hepa Filter Applications:, High efficiency particle filter is a kind of air filter. HEPA standard filters are used in many fields. These include vacuum cleaners, medical applications, automobiles, aircraft and household appliances. HEPA Filters play a critical role in preventing the spread of airborne bacteria, viral organisms, and infections caused therefrom. Hepa Filter Applications, which are generally used in the medical sector, eliminate live bacteria and viruses that are captured by the filter material contained in them by means of high-energy ultra-violet lights.

How Often Should Hepa Filter Applications Have Periodic Maintenance?

The filters inside must be changed depending on the duration and contamination process. In order to achieve an efficient and healthy result, Hepa Filter Applications, whose periodical maintenance should be carried out without interruption, can have a filter life of up to 2 or 3 years unless the maintenance of the selected filters and the filters of the plant is done in an undesired manner.

What are Hepa Filter Types?

Hepa Filter Types are divided into two types;

• Disposable Hepa Filter Types: It is a type of filter that is replaced with new ones after 1 or 1.5 years depending on the size of the areas of usage and the density of the dust, virus and bacteria particles it receives continuously.

• Continuous Filter Types:: This type of HEPA Filter, which can be cleaned for 3 or 4 months, is placed in the machine again and used for the same period of time.

What are Hepa Filter Types?

Hepa 10 : Because the numerical values in front of Hepa are 10, it removes 15,000 out of 100,000 particles.
• Hepa 11 : Because the numerical values in front of Hepa are 11, it removes 5,000 out of 100,000 particles.
• Hepa 12 : Because the numerical values in front of Hepa are 12, it removes 500 of 100,000 particles.
• Hepa 13 : Because the numerical values in front of Hepa are 13, it removes 50 of 100,000 particles.
• Hepa 14 : Because the numerical values in front of Hepa are 14, it removes 5 out of 100,000 particles.

Hepa Filter Applications which is one of our services with our 25 years of experience. In parallel with the developing technology, we work with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic team of experts.

•  The logic of operation is quite simple.
Captures and traps fine dust particles causing asthma.
Captures and traps fine dust particles that cause allergic symptoms.
The larger the filter number, the more particles are filtered.
Cleaning is easy and simple.
Leakage tests should be performed during manufacturing and assembly.
•  Purify 85% of air
Ulpa filter has a 99% purifying feature.
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