Your Fast Solution Partner in Air Conditioning Systems

Founded in Istanbul with 30 years of experience in the field, our company has aimed to respond to the similar requirements of all kinds of structures in all areas of heating, cooling, ventilation, fire and mechanical installations, which have become more and more a necessity, from project planning to commissioning. Our main policy is to serve under the guarantee and responsibility of our company in hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, industrial facilities, residences and all other buildings, and to deliver economic, efficient and environmentally sensitive systems to our customers in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and international standards. We believe in the value of time and count our commitments as the reason for our existence and aim to deliver all our work to our customers in a timely and high quality manner. In parallel with the developing technology, we are working hard to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects with our young, dynamic and experienced staff by constantly renewing ourselves. KMK Mekanik continues to work with the power to carry the successful momentum it has achieved in recent years with its professional engineering staff at its headquarters.


• İ.O.S.B. Bedrettin Dalan Boulevard Metro34 Plaza No: 23/90 Basaksehir / ISTANBUL
• Mersis No: 0564016050800016
• Paid-in Capital: TL 5,000,000.00
• Authority: Hacı Mehmet KÖSE
• Independent Auditor: Ak Bağımsız Denetim ve SMMM A.Ş.


It aims; • To provide service to its customers in the changing time and conditions without compromising the Quality Management System, • Conducting the works without error in full compliance with the contract, technical specifications and legal regulations, • To create a permanent power that is beneficial for our country and society, • To ensure customer and employee satisfaction, • To continuously improve the system with the participation of all employees, • To be a pioneer in innovations in the sector and to become a preferred building management systems design, installation and after-sales technical service company.