Restaurant Ventilation Systems

Restaurant Ventilation Systems

Restaurant Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems should be used in restaurants, restaurants and all other kitchens. In some places, the purpose is different, for example, in the kitchen is used to remove the smell of food in places such as cafes, restaurants are used to keep people from excess air.


Restaurant Ventilation Cleaning


The ventilation systems in restaurants are exposed to dirt, dust and oil as in any ventilation system.

Dirt, oil and so on. As it causes blockage of the ventilation ducts and causes them to deteriorate, the ventilation duct should be cleaned every 5 years. Another important point is that the oil accumulated in the ventilation ducts causes a fire if it is not cleaned thoroughly and professionally.


Restaurant Ventilation Systems Prices

Restaurant Ventilation Systems There are many factors that determine prices.

These are the power capacity of the system, the type of ventilator, the length of the internal installation, the chimney length, the filter systems, the type and length of the culverts and hoods used. Therefore, our company is trying to remove the best prices for you.