Office Ventilation Systems

Office Ventilation Systems

Office Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems, whether they are the dirty air of textile products. Whether it is the harmful gases produced by the machines, it is used in offices in all areas affecting air quality. All offices are well ventilated. If it is not ventilated Considering that there is a large number of staff, computers and machines in the Office.

Working Logic of Office Ventilation Systems

The reason for the installation of Office Ventilation systems is to clean the dirty air in the office and to provide fresh air flow. It allows the polluted air to go out and the fresh air taken from the outside is transferred to the mosque. Ventilation Systems Ventilation systems should be used not only in offices but also in different sectors in many areas. Taking into account the structure of the office, we can ensure that the air is ventilated by installing a robust and magnificent ventilation. Ventilation systems vary according to the area of ​​use The ventilation system used in a cooker is to remove unpleasant odors, but to prevent contamination when cutting wood in a carpenter.

Office Ventilation Systems, which is one of the services we provide with our 25 years of experience, is working with our strength to produce customer satisfaction oriented projects in the best way with our young and dynamic expert team in parallel with the developing technology.

Office Ventilation Systems, which are installed in your workspaces, are installed in the most appropriate way for your area, according to your architectural decoration and depending on your needs. Office Ventilation Systems, active electrostatic filter plants provide a very important advantage in terms of energy and maintenance costs compared to conventional oil filters. The filter components are regularly cleaned at regular intervals and are used without problems for many years.

Local Ventilation System

Small scale places such as Home, Small Offices, single storey office and so on. is used for local ventilation system. They consist of air ducts, air cleaners, fan and chimney. Localized ventilation systems with mobilized acrobat arms are also widely used in workplaces.

Central Ventilation System

It is used in large-scale places and places where people are crowded. Used in cinema, restaurant or shopping malls. There is a need for ducting of the central ventilation system and generally cell aspirators are used. It has a strong and strong structure because it works 24 hours.

Hood Ventilation System

Hood ventilation systems Generally known ventilation systems. The hoods used in any kitchen allow the gas of the burning stove to be ejected. The most important reason for these systems is to ensure that the used gases are removed from the environment. As a result, ventilation systems are used to change the air of a closed environment and create a healthier and more spacious living space. It is of great importance to many businesses.

Office Ventilation Systems Usage Areas

• Industrial Presses
• Injection Molding Machines
• Digital Printing Areas
• Printing
• All Industrial Machinery
• Welding Smoke
• Laboratory
• Kitchen
• Dining Halls
• Smoking Rooms
• Toilets
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