Central Automation Systems
Merkezi Otomasyon Sistemleri

Central Automation Systems

Central Automation Systems are provided as a result of bringing comfort conditions to the desired temperature with fan coil and underfloor heating system. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems called HVAC are used to control the internal temperature of the building by means of air handling units located in various regions. In small-scale buildings, the temperature is provided by a thermostat placed on the air handling unit, while in large-scale buildings the air handling units need to be controlled by being connected to a central computer.

Central Automation Systems Temperature Control

In central automation systems, the temperature of each side cannot be adjusted equally in large buildings. It is not possible to control the temperature from one side and to maintain the same temperature throughout the building. Among the factors that affect the control of temperature, the number of people working in the environment, the machines and the presence of sunlight raises the temperature. For this reason, each air-conditioning system that is centrally controlled must adjust itself according to the temperature ratio of the environment it is heated or cooled simultaneously.

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How Central Control Systems Provide Temperature Control

In order to provide equal temperature in different environments, the control of the air conditioners placed is controlled by the controllers. As a result of these adjustments, if the temperature rises to the desired level depending on the number of people, or the number of machines in the environment, the temperature of the sun rays entering the area should be less and if the insufficient, the air conditioning systems should work more.

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