Steam Installation and Boilers
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Steam Installation and Boilers

The purpose of the steam installation distribution system is to transport the steam to the point of use at the required pressure. For this reason, the pressure drop in the steam distribution lines is an important issue. When the water in an open container in the atmosphere is heated by a heat source, the temperature of the water gradually increases and begins to evaporate at a certain point. This point is called a boiling point or evaporation point. It is possible to supply the steam to the device which uses the desired pressure, quality and quantity of steam with a steam distribution line designed and applied according to the technique.
A small diameter steam distribution line causes the steam to reach the place of use at low pressure due to high pressure losses, poor performance of process devices, insufficient steam supply, increased wear risks in the system, and water ram and noise due to the increase in steam speed. A large diameter steam distribution line leads to an increase in the cost of installation elements such as pipes, valves, fittings, increases the cost of installation works such as support and insulation, increases the heat losses due to the increase in the outer surface area of the pipes, leads to an increase in the condensate formation due to the increased heat losses, thus increasing the number of condensate and thus causes the dryness of the steam to decrease.

What are the types of steam boilers?

It is a pressurized, closed vessel for burning any fuel (solid, liquid, gas) or by using electricity or nuclear energy source to obtain the desired temperature, pressure and amount of steam from water.

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Flame Tube Boilers

All the heat transfer in the flame tube boilers is made by the pipes (tubes) surrounded by water, through which hot combustion gases pass. Water and steam are located in the same section (barrel section). The steam output comes out of the drum.

Water Pipe Boilers

Water-tube boilers are boilers with a smaller water area volume than flame and smoke tube boilers, but which produce steam at high pressure and temperature. In boilers with water pipes, the combustion chamber is surrounded by tubes through which the water and steam mixture circulates. These types of boilers are used more widely in refinery operations than those with flame tubes.

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