Hygienic Air Handling Units
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Hygienic Air Handling Units

Hygienic Air Handling Units, are used in operating theaters, clean rooms, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries requiring sensitive sterile conditions and in places where hygiene conditions like this should be very high level. Hygienic Air Handling Units are coated with stainless steel and their inner surfaces are produced in this way. The plants are cleaned with antibacterial silicone application despite the fact that they leak water before coating with stainless steel sheet. Hygienic Air Conditioner Systems which are produced for clean room requirements are covered with special joining pieces and sheet to prevent water accumulations and a straight and smooth surface is obtained.

What are the Criteria for Hygienic Air Handling Units?

In hygienic air handling units, fans are used as disinfectable, backward curved, sparse vanes to meet the needs in the process correctly. Plug fan applications come into prominence due to flow measurements and fine adjustment.

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